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Communication Libraries

Some HPJava benchmark results were described in Chapter 6. We get good performance the simple problems like Laplace equation with the initial HPJava implementation. Results for the multigrid solver indicate further optimization for HPJava translation scheme and the Adlib communication library is desirable. The evaluation of communication libraries (see section 6.5) indicates that further optimization of the preparation operations in Adlib would be useful. As we mentioned in section 6.4, we would also like a better design for LAPI implementation of mpjdev to avoid the overheads of Java thread operation. We also need to develop portable network platforms based underlying communication library. As we discussed in Section 5.5.4, it may done by Jini-based implementation. The goals of this implementation are the system should be as easy to install on distributed systems as one can reasonably make it, and that it be sufficiently robust to be usable in an Internet environment.

Bryan Carpenter 2004-06-09