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Object Serialization for Marshalling Data

In this chapter we discuss adoption of the Java object serialization model for marshalling general communication data in MPI-like APIs. This approach is compared with a Java transcription of the standard MPI derived datatype mechanism. We describe an implementation of the mpiJava interface to MPI that incorporates automatic object serialization. Benchmark results confirm that current JDK implementations of serialization are not fast enough for high performance messaging applications. Means of solving this problem are discussed, and benchmarks for greatly improved schemes are presented.

Section 5.3 describes an implementation of automatic object serialization in mpiJava. In section 5.4 we discuss benchmarks for this initial implementation. The results confirm that naive use of existing Java serialization technology does not provide the performance needed for high performance message passing environments. Section 5.5 illustrates how various overheads of serialization can be eliminated by customizing the object serialization stream classes. The final section draws some conclusion.


Bryan Carpenter 2004-06-09