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Functionality Tests

An integral part of the development of this project was to produce or translate a number of basic MPI test codes to mpiJava. An obvious starting point was the C test suite originally developed by IBM . This suite had been modified to comply fully with the MPI standard and to be compatible with the MPICH. The suite consists of fifty-seven C programs that test the following MPI calls and data types: collective operations, communicators, data types, environmental inquiries, groups, point to point and virtual topologies. These codes were all translated to mpiJava.

Under WMPI and Solaris-MPICH these codes were run either as multiple processes on a single machine--``shared memory mode''--or as multiple processes running on separate machines--``distributed memory mode''. Under WMPI and Solaris-MPICH all the codes ran in both modes without alterations.

Bryan Carpenter 2004-06-09