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With previous version of JDK1.1.7 for Linux from Blackdown [#!BLACKDOWN!#], we had problems similar to those encountered during our early attempts to create the interface on Solaris, mentioned in section 4.3.1. Sun releases the JDK for Solaris and NT platforms first. On other platforms, such as Linux, it is necessary for developers to port the JDK.

mpiJava is now stable on Linux platforms using MPICH and Blackdown's JDK1.2pre-v2 and IBM's JDK1.1.6 or later. It is also tested sucessfully with Sun's JDK1.2.2 for Linux. The IBM alpha-version 1.1.6 of JDK [#!IBMJAVALINUX!#] for Linux was released in 1999. IBM JDK1.1.6 uses native threads as the underlying implementation. Blackdown and Sun JDK1.2 supports both green and native threads.

The most recent release of the Blackdown JDK for Linux is 1.2.2-RC4 (Release Candidate 4) that requires at least a glibc-2.1.2 based system with a recent 2.2.xx kernel.

We have tested mpiJava with Mandrake 6.0 [#!MANDRAKE!#], Redhat 6.2 [#!REDHAT!#] Linux. These Linux packages incorporate both glibc version 2.1.x and Linux kernel version 2.2.x.

Bryan Carpenter 2004-06-09