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Test Suites

HPJava 1.0 is fully operational and can be downloaded from [23]. The system fully supports the Java Language Specification (JLS) [26], and has been tested and debugged against the HPJava test suites and jacks [24], an Automated Compiler Killing Suite. The current score is comparable to that of Sun JDK 1.4 and IBM Developer Kit 1.3.1. This means that the HPJava front-end is very conformant with Java. The HPJava test suites includes simple HPJava programs, and complex scientific algorithms and applications such as a multigrid solver, adapted from an existing Fortran program (called PDE2), taken from the Genesis parallel benchmark suite [1]. The whole of this program has been ported to HPJava (it is about 800 lines). Also, Computational Fluid Dynamics research application for fluid flow problems, (CFD)[*] has been ported to HPJava (it is about 1300 lines). An applet version of this application can be viewed at

Bryan Carpenter 2004-06-09