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Translation of the on construct

Figure 4.12: Translation of at construct.


$\displaystyle \begin{minipage}[t]{\linewidth}\small\begin{tabbing}
\verb$at ($...
...erb$[$$e_{\mbox{\small glb}}$\verb$]) $$S$\ \\


$\displaystyle \begin{minipage}[t]{\linewidth}\small\begin{tabbing}
\verb$int $$$glb$\displaystyle $\verb$ = $${\bf T}\left[{e_{\mbox{\small glb}}}\right]$\verb$ ;$...
...[{S}\left\vert{p}\right.\right]$\ \\


\mbox{$i$\ is an index name in the source...
...$\ and $p$\ are the names of new variables.} \\

Figure 4.11 represents a schema for translating the on construct. This on construct establishes p as the active process group within its body. That is, after creating $ e_{\mbox{\small grp}}$, we will want to run some code within the process group. The on construct limits control to process in its parameter group. The code in the on construct is only executed by processes taht belong to $ e_{\mbox{\small grp}}$.

Bryan Carpenter 2004-06-09