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The current version of the HPJava type-checker (front-end) has three main phases; type-analysis, reachability analysis, and definite (un)assignment analysis. Development of this type-checker has been one of the most time-consuming parts during the implementation of the whole HPJava compiler. The three phases are basically inspired by carefully organizing ``The Java Language Specification Second Edition'' (JLS)[26]. The current HPJava type-checker system only supports exactly what JLS says. However, The Java language itself keeps evolving in a slow manner. For example, Sun's SDK Java compiler supports some changes to JLS. For the moment, the HPJava type-checker system will not be changed until the new edition of JLS is released. Figure 4.6 shows the complete architecture of HPJava front-end.
Figure 4.6: The architecture of HPJava Front-End.


Bryan Carpenter 2004-06-09