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High Performance Fortran

In 1993 the High Performance Fortran Forum, a league of many leading industrial and academic groups in the field of parallel processing, established an informal language standard, called High Performance Fortran (HPF) [22,28]. HPF is an extension of Fortan 90 to support the data parallel programming model on distributed memory parallel computers. The standard of HPF was supported by many manufactures of parallel hardware, such as Cray, DEC, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Intel, Maspar, Meiko, nCube, Sun, and Thinking Machines. Several companies broadcast their goal to develop HPF implementations, including ACE, APR, KAI, Lahey, NA Software, Portland, and PSR. Since then, except a few vendors like Portland, many of those still in business have given up their HPF projects. The goals of HPF were immensely aspiring, and perhaps attempted to put too many ideas into one language. Nevertheless, we think that many of the originally defined goals for HPF standardization of a distributed data model for SPMD computing are important.


Bryan Carpenter 2004-06-09