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A distributed array communication library

Many of the examples in this article use a communication library called Adlib. This library is not supposed to have a particularly unique status so far as the HPJava language definition is concerned. Adlib was developed independently of the HPJava project, to support HPF translation. Eventually HPJava bindings for other communication libraries will be needed. For example, the Adlib library does not provide the one-sided communication functionality of libraries like the Global Arrays toolkit; it doesn't provide optimized numerical operations on distributed arrays like those in ScaLAPACK; neither does it provide highly optimized collective operations for irregular patterns of array access, like those in CHAOS. All these libraries (and others) work with distributed arrays more or less similar to HPJava distributed arrays. We hope that bindings to these libraries, or functionally similar libraries, will be made available in HPJava. For now, this section summarizes essential features of the HPJava binding to Adlib.


Bryan Carpenter 2002-07-12