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Rules for distributed array constructors

The distributed array constructor expression

\mbox{\tt new } T \mbox{\tt [[}e_0\mbox{\tt , }\ldots
\mbox{\tt , }e_r\mbox{\tt , }\ldots
\mbox{\tt ]] on }p

can only appear in a context where the distribution group, $p$, is contained in the currently active process group. If the ``on $p$'' clause is omitted, we identify the distribution group, $p$, with the active process group. If $e_r$ is a (non-collapsed) range object, it must be distributed over a process dimension contained in the dimension set of $p$. No two range objects in ${e_0, \ldots, e_r, \ldots}$ can be distributed over the same process dimension.

Bryan Carpenter 2002-07-12