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MasPar Fortran

MasPar Computer Corporation was formed in 1988. The company was closely associated with Digital Equipment Corporation. The MasPar MP-1 was a 2D mesh (up to $128 \times 128$) of simple, 32-bit, processing elements, 16 per custom chip. Its front-end was a DEC computer.

MasPar Fortran [6] was rather similar to CM Fortran: it was a version of Fortran 77 extended with the Fortran 90 array processing features, a FORALL statement, and data-mapping directives. The default criterion for allocating arrays on the Data Parallel Unit (DPU) or front-end was the same as in CM Fortran. This default could be overridden by directives ONDPU or ONFE, eg:

      REAL A(100, 100), B(100, 100)

      CALL FOO(A, B)
A MAP directive was used in much the same way the LAYOUT directive of CM Fortran:
      REAL A(100, 100, 100)
This would specify that the first two dimensions of the array were to be distributed over the $x$ and $y$ dimensions of the grid and the last is serial.

Bryan Carpenter 2002-07-12