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Process group

A new class, Group, is defined, it represents a process group, typically with a grid structure and an associated set of process dimensions.

Class Group has subclasses derived from it to represent different grid shape, such as Procs1, Procs2, etc. For example,

  Group p = new Procs2(2,4);

defines a group p of a 2X4 2-dimension process grid. These 8 processes will have 2 processes dimensions associate with them.

Naturally, an HPJava program will be executed parallel in each process of a group grid. The package provides a pre-defined group, Procs1 It is an one dimension process grid, with the size of total number of logical processes the runtime environment provided. The program will starts on this group, and new process groups may be created as subsets of this group.

Bryan Carpenter 2002-07-12