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mpiJava 1.2: API Specification

Bryan Carpenter, Geoffrey Fox,
Sung-Hoon Ko, Sang Lim

Northeast Parallel Architectures Centre,
Syracuse University,
111 College Place,
Syracuse, New York 13244-410

This document defines the API of mpiJava, a Java language binding for MPI 1.1. The document is not a standalone specification of the behaviour of MPI--it is meant to be read in conjunction with the MPI standard document [2]. Subsections are laid out in the same way as in the standard document, to allow cross-referencing. Where the mpiJava binding makes no significant change to a particular section of the standard document, we will just note here that there are no special issues for the Java binding. This does not mean that the corresponding section of the standard is irrelevant to the Java binding--it may mean it is 100% relevant! Where practical the API is modelled on the MPI C++ interface defined in the MPI standard version 2.0 [3].

Changes to the mpiJava 1.1 interface:

The current API is viewed as an interim measure. Further significant changes are likely to result from the efforts of the Message-passing working group of the Java Grande Forum.

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Bryan Carpenter 2002-07-12