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Stream interfaces

The classes

  public class PortInputStream extends InputStream {

    // Constructor.

    public PortInputStream(Port P) ;

    // Methods.

    public synchronized int read() ;
    public synchronized int read(byte b [], int off, int len) ;

  public class PortOutputStream extends OutputStream {
    Port P ;
    ByteArrayOutputStream strm ;

    // Constructor.

    public PortOutputStream(Port P) ;

    // Methods.

    public synchronized void write(int b) ;
    public synchronized void write(byte b [], int off, int len) ;

    public synchronized void flush() ;
provide a convenient interface for Java I/O on ports. DataInputStream and DataOutputStream wrappers can be created around these streams, making the standard Java read and write operations available.

A PortOutputStream buffers data written to it until a flush operation is performed. At this point a send operation on the Port is executed and the buffered data is output as a single message.

A PortInputStream contains a buffer which is replenished by executing a recv on the Port whenever the buffer is empty and a a read operation is performed on the stream.

Bryan Carpenter 2002-07-12