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Eager send protocol

Messages are sent immediately by isend, assuming unlimited space for data in the input buffer. In practise this protocol is most suitable for short messages.

Figure 3: Pseudocode for isend method (eager protocol)
send the messagereturn a non-pending (completed) request object\end{verbatim}\normalsize\end{figure}

Figure 4: Pseudocode for irecv method (eager protocol)
lock communication-sets
if irec...
...munication-setsreturn the request object\end{verbatim}\normalsize\end{figure}

Figure 5: Pseudocode for waitany method (eager protocol)
lock communication-sets
if all...
select one of the non-pending requests\end{verbatim}\normalsize\end{figure}

Figure 6: Pseudocode for input handler threads (eager protocol)
\begin{figure}\small\begin{verbatim}loop {
receive headerlock communicati...
... input-buffer
unlock communication-sets

Bryan Carpenter 2002-07-12