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It is assumed that, to achieve the effect of caching attributes in user-customized communicators, programmers will create subclasses of the library-defined communicator classes with suitable additional fields. These fields may be copied or deleted by suitably overridden clone and finalize methods.

Hence the only ``caching'' operation surviving here is the binding of MPI_ATTR_GET, which is needed to access values of attributes predefined by the implementation. According the standard, the key values for such attributes include MPI.TAG_UB, MPI.HOST, MPI.IO and MPI.WTIME_IS_GLOBAL.

Object Comm.attrGet(int keyval)
keyval one of the key values predefined by the implementation
returns: attribute value

Retrieves attribute value by key. Java binding of the MPI operation MPI_ATTR_GET.

Bryan Carpenter 2002-07-12