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Pure Java implementation of MPI

MPIJ is a completely Java-based implementation of MPI which runs as part of the Distributed Object Group Metacomputing Architecture (DOGMA) system. Being closely based on the C++ binding, MPIJ implements a large subset of MPI functionality including point-to-piont communication (all modes), intracommunicator operations, groups, user-defined reduction operations. Noteable capabilities that are not yet implemented include process topologies, caching, intercommunicators, and user-defined datatypes (these are arguably needed for legacy code only).

MPIJ communication uses native marshaling of primitive Java types. This technique allows MPIJ to achieve communication speeds comparable to, and frequently exceeding that, of native MPI implementations. (Java communication speed would be greatly increased if native marshaling were a core Java function.)

Current MPIJ work involves porting native marshalling to platforms other than Win32, investigation of standard libraries (e.g. BLAS) for improved performance, and porting to an improved version of DOGMA.

Bryan Carpenter 2002-07-12