This is version 0.8 of our Fortran-to-Java converter, developed by Qiang Zheng and Zhigang Wu of PACT at Harbin Institute of Technology, China, with supervision of Geoffrey Fox and Xiaoming Li of NPAC at Syracuse University.

A Fortran 77 source file will be converted into an equivalent Java source file, with each Fortran program unit translated into a Java class. To use it,

The converter is ready for use. Add the f2j/bin to your path,
    % f2j file-name.f
will produce in the current directory.

We plan to publish a f2j service on the web in the near future, so you don't have to download the package. Instead, you submit your Fortran programs to our f2j server , and it will email you back a Java program.

If you cann't wait for the server, click here to download.

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