NPAC PCRC runtime kernel (Adlib)

Version 2.00, Mon Jan 12 1998

The package consists of a C++ library implementing a standard distributed array descriptor (DAD) for HPF-style regular distributed arrays, together with a comprehensive family of communication schedules for moving and transforming arrays described by the kernel DAD.

The array mapping options supported by the kernel DAD include all distribution formats and alignment options required by HPF 1.0. Further distribution formats can be incorporated by extending the class hierarchy of distributed range descriptors within the DAD structure. The communication schedules include all regular array remapping functions needed to implement HPF array assignment and dynamic redistribution and realignment, and direct support for essentially all the transformational array intrinsic functions of Fortran 90. The library also includes support for irregular communication through general gather and scatter operations.

The library is implemented on top of MPI. It is installed using a GNU-style configuration script. The release package includes a test-suite for the kernel library, and about 200 pages of documentation.

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