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Message Start up latencies

Table 1: Times for 1byte messages.
SM 67.2 $\mu$s 161.4 $\mu$s 148.7 $\mu$s 374.6 $\mu$s
DM 623.3 $\mu$s 689.7 $\mu$s 679.1 $\mu$s 961.2 $\mu$s

In Table 1 we show the transmission time in microseconds to send a 1 byte message in each of the environments tested. In SM the mpiJava wrapper adds an extra 94 $\mu$s (140%) and 226 $\mu$s (152%) compared with WMPI and MPICH C respectively. In DM the mpiJava wrapper adds and extra 66 $\mu$s (11%) and 282 $\mu$s (42%) compared to WMPI and MPICH C respectively.

Bryan Carpenter 2002-07-11