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Functionality Tests

An integral part of the development of this project was to produce or translate a number of basic MPI test codes to mpiJava. An obvious starting point was the C test suite originally developed by IBM [19]. This suite had been modified to comply fully with the MPI standard and to be compatible with MPICH. The suite consists of fifty-seven C programs that test the following MPI calls and data types: collective operations, communicators, data types, enviromental inquiries, groups, point to point and virtual topologies. These codes were all translated to mpiJava.

Under WMPI these codes were run either as multiple processes on a single machine (Shared Memory mode--SM) or as multiple processes running on separate machines (Distribute Memory mode--DM). Under WMPI all the codes ran in both modes without alterations being made apart from specifying that more global memory was needed by WMPI.

Bryan Carpenter 2002-07-11