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mpiJava: A Java Interface to MPI

Mark Baker
University of Portsmouth
Hants, UK, PO4 8JF

Bryan Carpenter, Geoffrey Fox, Sung Hoon Ko, Xinying Li
NPAC at Syracuse University,
NY 13244, USA


The overall aim of this paper is to introduce mpiJava--a Java interface to the widely used Message Passing Interface (MPI). In the first part of the paper we discuss the design of the mpiJava API and issues associated with its development. In the second part of the paper we briefly describe an implementation of mpiJava on NT using the WMPI environment. We then discuss some measurements made of communications performance to compare mpiJava with C and Fortran bindings of MPI. In the final part of the paper we summarize our findings and briefly mention work we plan to undertake in the near future.

Bryan Carpenter 2002-07-11