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One edge the HPJava system has compared to other systems is that HPJava not only is a Java extension but also is translated from a HPJava code to a pure Java byte code. Moreover, because HPJava is totally implemented in Java, it can be deployed any systems without any changes. Java is object-oriented and highly dynamic. That can be as valuable in scientific computing as in any other programming discipline. Moreover, it is evident that SPMD environments are successful in high-performance computing, although programming applications in SPMD-style is relatively difficult. Unlike other systems our HPspmd programming model targets SPMD environments, providing lower-level access to the parallel machines.

Many systems adopted implicit parallelism which have the benefit of simplicity for users. But this results in the difficulty of implementing the system. Some systems chose C, C++, and Fortran as their target language for high-performance. But, as mentioned earlier, Java is now a competitive language for scientific computing. The choice of C or C++ makes the systems less portable and secure in the modern computing environment.

Bryan Carpenter 2004-04-24