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In grid computing, the GrADS Project [3] aims to simplify distributed computing in the same way that the World Wide Web simplified information sharing over the Internet. To that end, the project is working with scientific users to develop, execute, and tune applications on the Grid. That is, the main interest of the GrADS is in application technologies that make it easy to construct and execute applications with reliable performance in the constantly-changing environment of the Grid. The main goals of the GrADS project are in constructing libraries for Grid-ware components and developing innovative new science and engineering applications to run effectively in Grid Environments.

To achieve these goals, the GrADS project focuses on prototype forms of important scientific applications, together with programming systems and problem-solving environments to support the development of Grid applications by end users. It emphasizes execution environments that dynamically match Grid applications to available resources for consistent performance, hardware and software for experimentation with GrADS programs. This emphasis is distinguished from (though perhaps complementary with) our HPJava-based approach.

Bryan Carpenter 2004-04-24