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Timber [26] is a Java-based programming language for semi-automatic array-parallel programming, in particular for programming array-based applications. The language has been designed as part of the Automap project, in which a compiler and run-time system are being developed for distributed-memory systems. Apart from a few minor modifications, Timber is still a superset of Java.

Like HPJava, Timber introduces multidimensional arrays, array sections, and a parallel loop. They have some similarities in syntax, but semantically Timber is very different to HPJava. Although Timber supports parallel operations such as each, foreach constructs, it maps less directly to massively parallel distributed memory computing. Timber does not include HPF-like multiarrays, or support low-level access to the parallel machine. For high-performance, Timber chose C++ as its target language. But in the meantime Java performance has been improved greatly, while C++ remains less portable and secure.

Bryan Carpenter 2004-04-24