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HPJava: Programming Support for High-Performance
Grid-Enabled Applications

Han-Ku Lee

2035 Hughes Hall
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA 23529
U.S.A. - Bryan Carpenter, Geoffrey Fox, Sang Boem Lim

Pervasive Technology Labs at Indiana University
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47404-3730


The paper begins by considering what a Grid Computing Environment might be, why it is demanded, and how the authors' HPspmd programming fits into this picture. We then review our HPJava environment1as a contribution towards programming support for High-Performance Grid-Enabled Environments. Future grid computing systems will need to provide programming models. In a proper programming model for grid-enabled environments and applications, high performance on multi-processor systems is a critical issue. We describe the features of HPJava, including run-time communication library, compilation strategies, and optimization schemes. Through experiments, we compare HPJava programs against FORTRAN and ordinary Java programs. We aim to demonstrate that HPJava can be used ``anywhere''--not only for high-performance parallel computing, but also for grid-enabled applications.

KEYWORDS: HPspmd, HPJava, High-Performance, Grids, Grid-Enabled Environments, Java

Bryan Carpenter 2004-04-24