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Overloaded communication operations

It has been suggested that many of the communication operations should be overloaded to provide simplified variants that omit arguments like offset, count (and possibly datatype). This suggestion is not included in the current proposal, but it could be added. The primary argument in favor is that it simplifies user code. For instance,

    MPJ.COMM_WORLD.send(message, 0, message.length, MPJ.CHAR, 1, 99);
    MPJ.COMM_WORLD.send(message, MPJ.CHAR, 1, 99);
The obvious counter-argument is that this very significantly increases the total number of methods in the API. A possible compromise is to provide overloaded versions only of specific common functions such as point-to-point communication functions (the argument against this, in turn, is that it looks inconsistent).

Bryan Carpenter 2004-04-24