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Changes for ghost regions

If the array $a$ appearing in rule 5 has ghost regions5.6, the range of allowed subscripts is changed to

- x \mbox{\tt .loExtension()} \le e_r <
x \mbox{\tt .size()} + x \mbox{\tt .hiExtension()}

If the array appearing in rule 6 has ghost regions, the index subscript may be shifted:

\verb$ at($$i...
...{\tt ]}$ \verb$ ...$ \\
\verb$ }$

and the following requirement is added:
  1. The expression $\pm d$ is in the range

- a \mbox{\tt .rng(} r \mbox{\tt )} \mbox{\tt .loExtension()...
...le a \mbox{\tt .rng(} r \mbox{\tt )} \mbox{\tt .hiExtension()}

Rule 7 is modified in a completely analogous way if the array appearing there has ghost regions.

Bryan Carpenter 2003-04-15