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Translating casts

The scheme for translating a cast of a multiarray valued expression is illustrated in Figure A.41. The macro CAST_DIMENSION is defined as follows:

$\mbox{\it CA...
...t) \equiv$ \verb$ (ArrayDim) $$a'_r$\end{tabbing}\end{minipage}\end{displaymath}

if the term $\mbox{\it attr}_r$ is empty, or

$\mbox{\it CA...
... \equiv$\verb$ (SeqArrayDim) $$a'_r$\end{tabbing}\end{minipage}\end{displaymath}

if the term $\mbox{\it attr}_r$ is an asterisk, *.

Figure A.42: Translation of instanceof expression for multiarray type.
e & \equiv & a \verb$ instanceo...
...MENSION\_TYPE} is defined in the text.}

Bryan Carpenter 2003-04-15