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Translating variable accesses

We only need to consider specially the case where the variable is a multiarray. The general scheme is illustrated in Figure A.21. This applies to the case of a variable that is a simple identifier--a local variable, method or constructor argument, or instance variable of the current object. The case of a field reference with an object prefix will be covered in section A.4.14.

The names $a'_{\mbox{\small dat}}$, $a'_{\mbox{\small bas}}$, and $a'_0, \ldots, a'_{R-1}$ are the names introduced by the translator when translating the corresponding field, local variable declaration or formal parameter in the source program (see sections A.4.2 and A.4.3).

Figure A.22: Translation of a multiarray assignment.
e & \equiv & e_t \verb$ = $ e_s...
...x{$R$ is the rank of both arrays.} \\

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