Class Intercomm


public class Intercomm
extends Comm

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class mpi.Comm
handle, nullHandle, SELF, WORLD
Constructor Summary
protected Intercomm(long handle)
Method Summary
 java.lang.Object clone()
          Duplicate this communicator.
 Intracomm Merge(boolean high)
          Create an inter-communicator.
 Group Remote_group()
          Return the remote group.
 int Remote_size()
          Size of remote group.
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Abort, Attr_get, Bsend_init, Bsend, Compare, Create_intercomm, dup, Errhandler_set, Errorhandler_get, Free, GetIntercomm, Group, Ibsend, Ibsend, Iprobe, Irecv, Irecv, Irsend, Irsend, Is_null, Isend, Isend, Issend, Issend, Object_Deserialize, Object_Serialize, Pack_size, Pack, Probe, Rank, Recv_init, Recv, Rsend_init, Rsend, Send_init, Send, Sendrecv_replace, Sendrecv, Size, Ssend_init, Ssend, Test_inter, Topo_test, Unpack
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Constructor Detail


protected Intercomm(long handle)
Method Detail


public java.lang.Object clone()
Description copied from class: Comm
Duplicate this communicator.

returns: copy of this communicator

Java binding of the MPI operation MPI_COMM_DUP.

The new communicator is ``congruent'' to the old one, but has a different context.

clone in class Comm


public int Remote_size()
                throws MPIException
Size of remote group.

returns: number of process in remote group of this communicator

Java binding of the MPI operation MPI_COMM_REMOTE_SIZE.



public Group Remote_group()
                   throws MPIException
Return the remote group.

returns: remote group of this communicator

Java binding of the MPI operation MPI_COMM_REMOTE_GROUP.



public Intracomm Merge(boolean high)
                throws MPIException
Create an inter-communicator.

high true if the local group has higher ranks in combined group
returns: new intra-communicator

Java binding of the MPI operation MPI_INTERCOMM_MERGE.