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An HPJava Demo

This code simulates a 2-D inviscid flow through an axisymmetric nozzle. The simulation yields contour plots of all flow variables, including velocity components, pressure, mach number, density and entropy, and temperature. The plots show the location of any shock wave that would reside in the nozzle. Also, the code finds the steady state solution to the 2-D Euler equations

To view this applet you will probably need to install the Sun Java 1.4 plugin in your Web browser. If your browser is Mozilla, you can find some helpful hints on installing the plugin here.

CFD demo.

Applet 2

Applet 4

Applet 1

Applet 3

The demo is adapted from an original sequential applet written by Saleh Elmohamed, with Mike McMahon and David Oh of Syracuse University. See the HPJava source code for further credits and explanation.

For purposes of this demo we ported the mpjdev layer (underlying the HPJava communication library) to communicate between the threads of a single Java Virtual Machine. The demo consists of 4 independent Java applets communicating through the Adlib communication library (which is layered on top of mpjdev).

We emphasize that that this unusual interpretation of parallel computing (in which several applets in a single Web browser cooperate on a scientific computation) is for demonstration purposes only! The mpjdev layer is also available in ports layered on the native MPI of MPICH, SunHPC-MPI, IBM POE, etc. The HPJava simulation code could more practically be run on a collection of virtual machines distributed across any of these platforms.

Bryan Carpenter, (dbc@ecs.soton.ac.uk). Last updated May 2007.